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Whitecourt   192g    IIIAB
Whitecourt   152g    IIIAB
Osseo   175g    IAB
Red Deer Hill   900mg    L5
Ulyanovsk   52g    H5
Monahans   135g    IIF
Sandia Mountains   89g    IIAB
Bondoc   328g    Mesosiderite
Arriba   26.9g    L5
Ioka   70.8g    L3
Achilles   18g    H5
Newport   47.9g    Pallasite
Southampton   18g    Pallasite
Gilgoin   1048g    H5
Khohar   34g    L3

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Indianapolis - Chicago  |  March 2008
I had a few trades to complete with Jay Piatek, and I decided to hand-deliver the items. That way I would get to see some of Dr. Piatek's truly awesome collection in person! It was definetely worth the trip!
On the way back to Toronto, I stopped in Chicago to check out the Field Museum. They had roughly 40 meteorites on display - the meteorite area is badly in need of some updating. Some of the dust bunnies in the displays were bigger than the meteorites! But all in all, it was also well worth the detour.
The main display area.