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Whitecourt   192g    IIIAB
Whitecourt   152g    IIIAB
Osseo   175g    IAB
Red Deer Hill   900mg    L5
Ulyanovsk   52g    H5
Monahans   135g    IIF
Sandia Mountains   89g    IIAB
Bondoc   328g    Mesosiderite
Arriba   26.9g    L5
Ioka   70.8g    L3
Achilles   18g    H5
Newport   47.9g    Pallasite
Southampton   18g    Pallasite
Gilgoin   1048g    H5
Khohar   34g    L3

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Buzzard Coulee  |  May 2009
Finally I made it out to Saskatchewan to hunt for Buzzard Coulee. I hadn't been able to go last year before the snow, but I didn't want to pass up this opportunity to hunt for a Canadian fall. As it turned out this was pretty much the last weekend to go, as most farmers had started the ploughing / planting process already.
I met up with Mike Tettenborn at the airport and we shared the rental car and accommodation. We met up with David Gregory and Ian Nicklin from the ROM, and later with Rob Wesel and Mike Bandli.
We all hunted together for some of the time, but I mostly ambled along on my own. I hunted on the Canola and pea fields for the most part, but also tried to find some stones in the rougher portions of the Coulee and in the ditches and ravines lining the fields. Sadly, no luck there. On the fields I ended up finding about 15 pieces for a total of about 650g. After handing over half of my material to the landowner as part of our agreement to hunt on his property, I ended up with 12 beautifully crusted stones to take home.

The strewn field

The view into the Coulee

Meeting up with Mike Bandli and Rob Wesel

Mike Tettenborn on the prowl

Mike finds his 1st meteorite

We break for lunch in Marsden

Lone Rock, the village close by

Gridding the field

Found one

Ian Nicklin hunting acroos the ravine

Discussing the plan of attack

Braving the cold wind

Helping us find the goodies!

Maybe someone missed a few in the slowly drying swamps

How about this one?

Because it had been lying in the water all this time, this was the most weathered stone I found, but also the biggest one

Mike Tettenborn having his well-deserved nap!

Divvying up the loot at Justin's office

Children of the Canola!