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Whitecourt   192g    IIIAB
Whitecourt   152g    IIIAB
Osseo   175g    IAB
Red Deer Hill   900mg    L5
Ulyanovsk   52g    H5
Monahans   135g    IIF
Sandia Mountains   89g    IIAB
Bondoc   328g    Mesosiderite
Arriba   26.9g    L5
Ioka   70.8g    L3
Achilles   18g    H5
Newport   47.9g    Pallasite
Southampton   18g    Pallasite
Gilgoin   1048g    H5
Khohar   34g    L3

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Second Desert Expedition  |  November 2008
I got together with my childhood friend, Mr Sven Coerper, and we met in the Middle East for another desert adventure. This time we flew a lot closer to the area where we wanted to hunt, so there was a lot less driving involved.
The weather was great - sun sun sun! We spent 10 days on the ground, found about 20 specimens, a few kg all in all. We had a blast! I can't wait to go again!!!
Here are some of the highlights...

The view from a hill.

The first find - 1.7kg nose cone - beautiful!

Next find on the same day: 2.1kg - gorgeous.

Having some fun. Driving seemed much better this time of year.

A beautifully fresh looking specimen, 265g.

Taking a break - it got pretty hot during the day.

Nelson left behind.

Where are all the meteorites?

There is one. Also very fresh looking, almost shiny, 309g.

We can't believe our luck!

We found a beautifully oriented specimen in the middle of the Wadi.

5mm forthy drip edge - 61 g - what a stunning piece.

Time for some R&R at the oasis!

Is that a loaf of bread?

Another beauty - 952g.

We woke up one morning and the fog had rolled in, Eery!

We happened upon some cool rock formations - it was fun climbing around the bouders!

The last few minutes togeteher at the airport - then we had to go our separate ways again.