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Whitecourt   192g    IIIAB
Whitecourt   152g    IIIAB
Osseo   175g    IAB
Red Deer Hill   900mg    L5
Ulyanovsk   52g    H5
Monahans   135g    IIF
Sandia Mountains   89g    IIAB
Bondoc   328g    Mesosiderite
Arriba   26.9g    L5
Ioka   70.8g    L3
Achilles   18g    H5
Newport   47.9g    Pallasite
Southampton   18g    Pallasite
Gilgoin   1048g    H5
Khohar   34g    L3

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Tucson 2006  |  February 2006
I packed up the Fam for a long weekend in Tucson. I had never been, and wanted to meet some people,who I had been emailing with for a long time, finally face to face.
We stayed at the Westward Look - what a treat! Bob Haag and Al Lang had their rooms here, so we checked them out first.
Then we made our way to the Inn Suites. It was great seeing all the minerals and fossils, and, of course, meteorites!
Bob Haag had us over at his house for an afternoon at the pool, and I was stunned to see his Esquel main mass. What a beauty! Later that night we went out for dinner together - and drank the only bottle of local Tucson wine that they had - and we got it at half price, because it was so old and nobody had wanted it. Funny.
I made it through Al Lang's auction without bidding, but I snagged a few pieces right after.
The next day, Bob lent us a few metal detectors, and we hit Cat Mountain. We combed the hills and found a number of bullets and casings, but no meteorites. Daniel, though, found a Cholla Catus that really liked him, and we spent about 20 minutes pulling the spikes out of his hand and arm. Outch!
I came home with a lot of goodies, but one package that I couldn't fit in the carry-on was lost during transit, removed from my bag. About 7 meteorites, very sad.

Bob, Patrick and a few pallasites...

Checking out the library...

Cat Mountain up close.