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Whitecourt   192g    IIIAB
Whitecourt   152g    IIIAB
Osseo   175g    IAB
Red Deer Hill   900mg    L5
Ulyanovsk   52g    H5
Monahans   135g    IIF
Sandia Mountains   89g    IIAB
Bondoc   328g    Mesosiderite
Arriba   26.9g    L5
Ioka   70.8g    L3
Achilles   18g    H5
Newport   47.9g    Pallasite
Southampton   18g    Pallasite
Gilgoin   1048g    H5
Khohar   34g    L3

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Buzzard Coulee
Finally I made it out to Saskatchewan to hunt for Buzzard Coulee. I hadn't been able to go last year before the snow, bu....
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Tucson 2009
This year I decided to make it down to Tucson again, after missing a few years. I drove down, some 3000 miles. On the wa....
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Second Desert Expedition
I got together with my childhood friend, Mr Sven Coerper, and we met in the Middle East for another desert adventure. Th....
November 2008 | Read Story
Indianapolis - Chicago
I had a few trades to complete with Jay Piatek, and I decided to hand-deliver the items. That way I would get to see som....
March 2008 | Read Story
Desert Expedition
I finally made it out to the desert to see what the fuss was all about. I rented a car and drove some 3000km through dun....
January 2008 | Read Story
Ensisheim 2007
I finally made it to the fabled meteorite show in France! We booked a room at "La Couronne", packed up the family, rente....
June 2007 | Read Story
Milton, Ontario
Finally, a Canadian get-together all of our own! Roman Jirisek had a big meteorite bash at his home in Milton, Ontaio. H....
May 2007 | Read Story
Glorieta Mountain
I went to Glorieta Mountain in New Mexico with Bob Haag, Montana Bob, Matt Moran, Greg Hupe, Mike Farmer and several oth....
April 2007 | Read Story
Naturkunde Museum Berlin
I had the great opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum in Berlin. Mr. Ansgar Greshake was kind enough to give u....
March 2007 | Read Story
Deport, Texas - #2
I went back for another 4 days. I just couldn't stay away from the Chicken-fried steaks! McCartney had picked a nice le....
November 2006 | Read Story
New York State
I had some meteorites to cut, and Allan Lang graceously agreed to let me use his equipment. So I packed up the family an....
June 2006 | Read Story
Deport, Texas #1
My first trip to Deport, Texas was pretty exciting. I had never been on a prolonged meteorite hunt, I had a brand new de....
April 2006 | Read Story
Tucson 2006
I packed up the Fam for a long weekend in Tucson. I had never been, and wanted to meet some people,who I had been emaili....
February 2006 | Read Story